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It was me that asked for the photos to be posted. I'm a guy, what can I say. I understand and respect you being discreet. I read your blog often but only comment once in a while. The list of sites that you mentioned would be great. Also, something that i would be interested in would be reviews of products (adult toys) that you have tried and would recommend.

Maybe even some tips on what we, as married guys, can do to find businesses like yours in our area. And how we should act so we do not look like first timers.

Thanks and keep them cumming.


I enjoy reading your blog as a window into the other side of a business that I find interesting from a consumers standpoint. Your writing style keeps it interesting and the drama filled lives of your girls always keeps it fresh. I just found your blog this week so I am trying to read all the way thru it to catch up. So far I don't see where you are located other than your 'deep south' reference. I guess you don't want to use this as an avenue to attract new customers but some of us travel frequently and if you could at least give the state you are located in we could figure it out from word of mouth when in the area. As far as your responding to e-mail question goes , I wouldn't worry about replying to a readers e-mail as I am sure that if they give you an address to respond to they want to hear from you and they should assume the risk as far as the privacy and security of their own address.

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